A Dissident lost his lover to traditional ruler. In attempt to reclaim her, he became a slave stolen from his homeland into a strange land.


A tragic love story set during the era of slavery. The story follows two lovers, Amolewa and Adejuwon, who were forcefully separated by traditional power and slave trade. 

Amolewa was forced into a marriage with a warlord, while Adejuwon was in a relationship resulting from Slave breeding. 

Adejuwon plotted to escape from his slavemaster but his lover, Esther was hesitant to come onboard. He killed his slavemaster and ran away alone, but slavehunters caught and killed him.  

The story retells the historical accounts of slave trade with relevant  documentary.


Director's statement

My vision is to create inspirational and politically charged films that possess authenticity, truth, and the ability to challenge viewers' belief systems.

The motivation behind my filmmaking endeavor is to shed light on the history of slavery without placing blame on individuals for the wrongdoings of their ancestors. It is crucial for us to learn from history, as we continue to witness its repetition in our modern world.

My approach to filmmaking remains consistent across all my projects. I embrace a minimalist approach to bring forth a grand vision, ensuring that excellence is not compromised. By adopting Lean techniques, I strive to minimize waste while pushing the boundaries with limited resources. Through this, I aim to demonstrate to the audience how we have done justice to the story without sacrificing quality for the sake of cost savings.

The personal connection I have to this particular story is profound. I feel a strong sense of responsibility to share the stories of my ancestors. It is this sense of duty that binds me to the narrative.

Consequently, I recognized the importance of honoring history and took great care in managing the project. I personally assumed critical roles in the film, handling sensitive aspects with utmost sensitivity. These responsibilities were self-assigned due to my deep connection to the suffering endured by the victims of slavery. Their pain became a burden of responsibility passed down to me, and I felt a pressing need to convey their message to my generation. Despite the realization that completing the film would require an extended timeframe, given the gravity of the task at hand, I remained steadfast. My commitment to the project went beyond concerns of cost, budget limitations, or the risks associated with transatlantic travel.


Luanne M. Ashe

as slave breeder

A musician-educator, singer, narrator, actor, advocate for the voiceless, Precept Bible teacher, gardener, YouTube content creator, wife, mother to 3 daughters, crazy sock knitter, and sock model.  Graduate of Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ 2016.

Rachel A. Davis

as Mrs Thompson.

Broadcasting and Film Production Program Graduate. Inspired and dedicated Director / Actor.

Aaron Zaretsky

as slave auctioneer and trader

Pastor, missionary, professional clown Author of children books and material, actor both stage and screen. Father of 3, grandfather of 5 and enjoyed writing and telling joke.

Director / producer / writer

Babawale odunuga

Babawale Odunuga holds Master of Environment degree from University of Manitoba, Canada.
He also holds an Advanced Diploma in Film studies.
He is a result-oriented multi-hyphenate who performs a number of different roles such as Film Producer, Motion Picture Director, Cinematographer, Production designer, Screenwriter and Actor at EiPfilms.

A professional with attention to details, as well as undying passion for visual story-telling around inequalities, anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, and vulnerable groups.

He founded EiPfilms while studying towards Bachelor degree at Olabisi Onabanjo University in Nigeria, West Africa. EiPfilms as a film production outfit, has since grown from a Drama group into an international film organization boasting of professional Actors and Crew members with global collaborations around the world.

EiPfilms houses community of multi-talented creatives with undying love for arts and filmmaking. These Artistes share common goals and vision of making a difference in the world.